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We believe everybody and every family has a collection of life stories that needs to be heard, celebrated and preserved for generations to come. Stories span the lifetime of the storyteller, but fail to transcend families and generations. Cumbersome archived footage gets lost in generational technology.

We enable our “family historians” to create archival videos that combine photos, voice, story and personal music help define the legacy of a loved one.

Your Story

Life and Story, Captured and Forever.
Have you ever wished you knew more about your grandparents or great-grandparents? About their experiences, a decision they made or what they considered their greatest accomplishment? Chances are your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will wish they knew more about you and your life story. We work with your family, usually the siblings of our storyteller to capture the stories that may have been told for decades around the Thanksgiving table but will fade and potentially be lost. While you have heard that same story dozens of times, your kids and their kids will have missed out on the inflection and personal feel of the story. We work to capture and archive those stories as an investment for future generations.

Our Story

The idea for Story Capsule started 8 years ago for me. There was a curiosity about our family, where they came from, their passions and talents. During that time my family also lost some amazing stories and story tellers. My grandmother spent time unground in a London bunker shielded from falling bombs. My Grandfather was a proud, conservative NYC banker who I learned from his 195o’s film reels, cut loose on the weekends in hilarious parties. Another Grandfather was the second wave of Airborne Paratroopers on Normandy Beach, a foodie who once traded a fresh wild boar for a case of red wine for his troops to unwind. These were amazing stories that I vividly remember, but were destined to be lost in the decades. Story Capsule - Legacy Films became a mission and from that platform I wanted to share the ability have stories transcend generations.

- Rich Silivanch Founder, Creative Director, Videographer


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